Collaborative Game Projects

Below are the collaborative game projects that I've worked on, as well as current works-in-progress.

1/12 - Ophiuchus. This was made at the Global Game Jam 2012 by Kristen Robertson, Brandii Grace, Jason Wishnov, and myself. I contributed with music and design, as well as the concept for the mechanism for gameplay. The sounds and music were all made using Linux Multimedia Studio. The concept for the mechanism of gameplay comes from the desire to make a touchscreen-based Arkanoid game, where touching / clicking the screen makes a shockwave that moves the ball, and that the goal of moving the ball is to destroy bricks to progress.

1/12 - Ninjew Saves Hanukkah. Ninjew must save Hanukkah from the dastardly Holiday Snatchers! This game is meant to fill the year-to-year lack of Hanukkah-themed games, as well as to explore multiple formats of gameplay. This project was made with StencylWorks. Art for this game is being done by Kristen Robertson.  This game is being published under the "Versus Co-op" label. This is still a work-in-progress, with more art and features to come in the near future!

1/11 - Single Player Game. This was made by Team Feature Creep during the Global Game Jam 2011 at USC (hosted by MEGA). I designed the sound, and helped direct the overall sound aesthetic, which was complimented well by the retro graphics and musical score. There was actually a lot more audio, including a great amount of voice acting that wasn't added at launch.

5/5/10 - The Community. This is actually a non-digital board game, that was developed as part of the "Group Senior Project" during the "Spring 2010" semester at CSUN. The game lets the player play as four different civil services, taking care of hazards that come up around the city, all while maintaining the budget to prevent overspending. The game is collaborative rather than competitive, so the players win or lose as a whole, rather than as individuals.