12 March 2012

Another Awesome GDC!

GDC 2012 was very productive this year, and quite a bit of fun!

Over the course of GDC week, I met a lot of awesome people, and checked out plenty of great opportunities. I did two days if Indie Game Summit talks, two days in the Career Pavilion, and a day on the Expo floor to check out new and upcoming tools and technology to use!

Plus it was nice to go to a few parties and mixers, and to walk away with a couple giant swag bags. I even won a pass to next year, and a year membership to design3, both provided for winning a drawing contest hosted by TheLoop!

08 February 2012

Ninjew Saves Hanukkah & Ultra Profanity Shooter

Two big announcements:

1 - "Ninjew Saves Hanukkah" has been released across the internet! This StencylWorks project is a collaboration between Kristen Robertson and myself, and was released under the "Versus Co-op" label early this year! Click here to play now!

2 - "Ultra Profanity Shooter" is finally available to play, exclusively on Kongregate! Click here to play now (redirects to kongregate.com, game is NSFW)!

31 January 2012

Global Game Jam 2012 - Ophiuchus

Global Game Jam 2012 is over, and was a great success! I teamed up with Kristen Robertson, Brandii Grace, and Jason Wishnov, to make the game "Ophiuchus" during the game jam.

I contributed with music and design, as well as the concept for the mechanism for gameplay. The sounds and music were all made using Linux Multimedia Studio. One of the main focuses for me was consistency, so I used the same set of instrument patches for all three of the tracks. Additionally, in creating each sound effect, I made sets of variations that would help to prevent the game from sounding monotonous. The music and sound really help to set the mood and atmosphere for "Ophiuchus."

The concept for the mechanism of gameplay comes from the desire to make a touchscreen-based Arkanoid game, where touching / clicking the screen makes a shockwave that moves the ball, and that the goal of moving the ball is to destroy bricks to progress. This is a concept which I first developed at FGS/GDC 2011, and I'm glad that it got to see the light of day through "Ophiuchus."

Check out Ophiuchus here! (Requires Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0)

21 November 2011

StencylWorks + Collaboration Time!

Hello, Everybody!!

I've got two big announcements.

I'm happy to say that I've started using StencylWorks for Flash / iOS games!! I've gained enough experience working with Flash and ActionScript 3.0 to know that StencylWorks will really help me get from point A to point B in great time compared to previous projects, as well as having excellent functionality already built in to make game construction much easier. I still have my eye on using Unity or Unreal III in the future, but for now I'm quite comfortable with StencylWorks.

I'm also happy to say that I am no longer planning on making entirely solo projects, and will be collaborating on everything beyond basic gameplay prototypes and functionality from here on out. I can make art, but an experienced artist can generally make cleaner art and do it faster. I can do programming and engineering, but an experienced game programmer will be able to get things done better and cleaner in shorter time. Quality Assurance, Production, Audio, Publishing, these are all things which I can do alright, but I know I could be working with someone who can do these even better than me. For every job on the project that I don't have to do, I can focus more upon the rest of the jobs related to the project.

16 November 2011

Blog Updated!

Hello, Everybody!

I've made some recent changes to the layout and content of my Blog. Please post comments if you have any feedback about the new layout!!